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Meteor control line model balsa kit


Kit to build Meteor control line model – Balsa and hard wood construction – retro 1955 model

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Kit to build Meteor control line model   manufactured by AeroNaut

Manufactured by AeroNaut to the original pattern -  1m wing span  for 2.5cc engines -- This kit benefits from updated production methods but still retains the original design. Large amount of Die-cut, sawn and lazer cut parts results in a high degree of prefabrication and a fast accurate build. There is a basic hardware pack  and tissue covering included in the kit, the plans are concise and clear with a nice set of decals to finish the model off with .  This Kit was originaly designed in 1955 and competed sucsessfully  in several FIA events of the time, re introduced by AeroNaut as part of their rang of retro control line models This is a kit to build and will require other parts to finish the model as illustrated on the box art

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