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Pober Pixie scale model aeroplane kit electric or IC Quick build



Pober Pixie scale model prebuilt wings and GRP fuselage quick build kit

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Pober Pixie Quick build kit for IC or electric

Pober Pixie scale model  1650mm wing span  weight 2--2.5 kg  manufactured by AeroNaut Can be powerd by glow engine 32--46 size or by electric power 300--350 watts   Highly prefabricated kit --- The wing panels are pre built and the fuselage is a high quality GRP moulding with plastic moulded cowling wheel spats and cotpit.   Good quality hardware pack along with dural U/C and wheels inclulded This kit quickly build in to a nice easy to fly model with it high parasol wing is a stable model to fly and could be easly flown as a first aileron model after training on a rudder/elevator model The instruction book is in German but a full english version is avalabe as a download from the AeroNaut website

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