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aero-naut Lilienthal 40 RC Balsa model glider kit


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aero-naut Lilienthal 40 RC Balsa Model Glider Kit. You can have this as a Glider or Power Glider by adding the motor power set to your order. Also your P&P will still be ONLY £2.99 if you are on mainland UK.

The Lilienthal 40 RC Balsa model aeroplane kit from aero-naut.  The Lilienthal is an ideal first model to build but will be enjoyed by beginners and experienced alike. The concept includes a free flying model with a timer operated DT, ( dethermalizer a device that alters the aerodynamics of an aeroplane, glider etc). It also has an RC option for rudder and elevator.  See the motor power set we have to suit this model. Small components keep the increase in weight to a minimum and make the Lilienthal a docile model for light wind conditions. It has precise laser cut parts, simple construction and the use of a special wing jig make the building process fast and easy. Detailed building instructions with graphics and text explain every single building step and answer any questions you may have in German, English and French,  even the less experienced modellers or beginners will be able to complete this model. You can also add electrics to this model if wanted, and gives the recommended equipment for RC option in the building booklet. You can view the building instructions on-line at

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