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aero-naut Luscombe Silvaire 8 Scale balsa model airplane kit



aero-naut Luscombe Silvaire 8  scale model airplane kit. Scale 1. 6.6.   wing span 1.600 mm Length 910 mm weight  1.950 grams. Due to it’s size and number of parts it is not exactly a beginners model.

aero-naut Luscombe Silvaire 8 scale model airplane kit. Scale 1.6.6.  Wing span 1.600 mm Length 910 mm Weight 1.950 grams. Due to it's size and the number of parts the Silvaire is not exactly a beginner's model however with a little help from a more experienced modeller even a talented novice would be able to build the Silvaire. The kit containes laser cut balsa and plywood parts, landing gear and wheels, wing struts, control linkages, connectors and other small parts, detailed building instructions with graphics and text. This model of the Silvaire has definitely been influenced by the original design of a two-place light plane.  The good handling characteristics make the Silvaire an ideal trainer, just like the original. The monocoque fuselage uses balsa wood for low weight and good surface quality and incorporates well-placed reinforcements where necessary. These design principals are the same for the tail and wings. The wings are connected to the fuselage by means of carbon rods and are easily detached for transport.   All parts of this lovely looking model are laser cut and feature interlocking construction to avoid mistakes during building.  The small tabs that hold parts in place in the laser sheets should be filed or sanded off before gluing. Recommended  extra components consist of; Motor 350 watts,  4s lipo battery, light prop 11 x 7/12 x 7, spinner 51 mm and a R.C. unit for rudder, elevator, ailerons and motor. ( these do NOT form part of this kit).  

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