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Brushless Motor M04E EMAX CF2822/1200KV



Brushless Motor M04E  EMAX  CF2822/1200 KV with 3.0 mm prop adapter

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Brushless Motor M04E  EMAX CF2822/1200KV with 3.0mm Prop adapter.

Brushless Motor M04E  EMAX  CF2822/1200KV direct drive outrunner motor with 3.0mm prop adapter. stator dimensions 22 x 10 mm, shaft diameter 3.0mm, weight 39 gram. This motor will produce approx 24 ounces of thrust with a 3 cell battery and an 8040 prop.  The very high power delivered by this small and very robust, light weight brushless motor with rotating case make it suitable for all models weighing up to 30 ounces.  300-400 size it offers extremely high efficiency and high load capability for the weight. It has high quality manufacturing, reliability and performance.

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