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MG996 metal gear servo



MG996 metal gear servo

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MG996 metal gear servo

MG 996 metal gear servo is an upgraded version of the MG 995 series. It has completely new re-designed PCB and IC control system providing more accuracy. It's internal gearing and motor are also upgraded and it is far more accurate and safe to use in model aircraft with precise servo movement and perfect centering. It's super strong and beefy with very little signs of flexing. It is compliant with most standard receiver connector; Futaba, Hi-Tec, Sanwz, GWS etc. It is Black. Size 40 x 19 x 43 mm. Weight 55 g. Operation voltage 4.8 - 7.2 V.  Operation speed 0.17 sec/60 degrees  4.8 V and 0.13 sec/60 degrees at 6.o V. Stall torque 13 kg - cm  at 4.8 V / Stall torque 15 kg - cm  at 6.0 V .  The connector wire is 300 mm.  

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