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LT200Flex Electric Glider Balsa Kit R/C



LT200 Flex Model aeroplane glider kit offers the modeller a true full-option kit as a glider or electric powered glider, with the exception of the carbon fuselage tube, it is an all wood Kit.

Wing span 1.920 mm  length 1.120 mm weight 850 gram

The LT200 Flex offers the modeller a true full-option kit as a glider or electric powered glider.  It has a wing span of 1.920 mm, length 1.120 mm and weighs 850 gram.   If you need an electric sorer or an efficient thermal sorer this is the model for you.   With the exception of the carbon fuselage tube the LT200 Flex is a conventional wood kit.  The front end of the fuselage is made up of Laser Cut Balsa, the wings are easy to build using aero-nauts jig system, are fully sheeted so no need for additional covering material.  The wing section provides good handling characteristics at very low flying speeds which makes it easy to look for thermals  at low altitude and with the help of large spoilers almost vertical descends are possible without noticeable increase in speed.   The LT200 Flex is an excellent choice for the experienced modeller who wants a versatile thermal soarer.  Also for the less experienced modeller who have already built their first model will enjoy building the LT200 Flex.   The kit contains Laser cut balsa and ply wood parts, control linkages, connector and other small parts, aero-naut's special jig for fuselage and wing build as well as detailed building instructions ( please note the text is written in German) as this kit is new to the UK.  but also has full 3D graphics. The build instructions can also be found on the aero-naut website. The LT 200 Flex uses 9 gram servos for the rudder elevator and flaps ( 4X MG9 ) and slim 9gram servos for the alerons  .Ideal motor option would be 28mm  1400/930 Kv  with a 11X6 folding prop

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