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9 gram servo Metal Gear

A pair of control horns length 2 cm white plastic

A pair of Quick Links/Clevises 2.9 cm.  Grey plastic

A pair of small control horns, length 1.5 cm. White plastic.

E Max   ES925 servo   3.6 gram   size  18.4 X 8.1 X 17.1 mm   Can be used on 4.8 volt or 6 volt  max torque 0.3 kg cm  max speed 0.07sec over 60 degrees

This is a super miniture DIGITAL servo  standard plug so will go to a normal RX   Ideal for radio assist Rubber models

ES 08 MA 2 Analogue servo metal gear Ideal for 250/450 class heli and foam planes, long servo arm for 3D flight

MG996 metal gear servo

MR.RC SG90 9 gram micro servo with all nylon gears High quality, High torque performance.