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Rocky electric glider pre built all balsa and ply construction

aero-naut BOOGIE balsa model kit. Rubber powered hand launch glider recommended for beginners. weight 100 gram, wingspan 950 mm and length 630 mm

aero-naut DIXI 2.  All balsa wood chuck glider. Great for kids. make excellent stocking filler for 10 yr old and over or with adult supervision due to small parts. Wing span 415 mm x length 340 mm

aero-naut FOXX balsa model kit. Powerful speeder,  wing span 870 mm, length 645 mm weight 600 grams.

aero-naut Lilienthal 31 balsa model glider kit. Wing span 1140 mm x length 740 mm and weight 200 gram. Ideal model for the younger builder.

aero-naut Lilienthal 32 balsa model training glider kit for free flight.  Wing span 1190 mm x length 745 and weight 200 grams. A great first time model to build or brush up on old skills.

aero-naut Lilienthal 40 RC Balsa Model Glider Kit. You can have this as a Glider or Power Glider by adding the motor power set to your order. Also your P&P will still be ONLY £2.99 if you are on mainland UK.

aero-naut Luscombe Silvaire 8  scale model airplane kit. Scale 1. 6.6.   wing span 1.600 mm Length 910 mm weight  1.950 grams. Due to it’s size and number of parts it is not exactly a beginners model.

aero-naut PEPPER balsa wood model aeroplane  kit.  The kit comes with a special jig which makes the model easy to build even for the less experienced builder. This model has a large speed range and good handling characteristics.

aero-naut power unit for RC option for lilienthal 40 RC

aero-naut SkyMaxx Trainer model airplane kit  with 3 axis control,  an easy step by step construction for beginners and experienced modellers alike.

areo-naut TWIST balsa model kit. Rubber powered hand launch glider recommended for beginners to model building. Weight 85 gram, wingspan 690 mm and length 510 mm